The Midnight Gang

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AUTHOR: David Walliams 

 Rating: ★★★★★

(I gave this book 5 stars because the story was really exciting)  


Favourite character?

Robin, one of the gang. Because he has bandages on his eyes. When his pretending to be a mummy, he accidently went to the wrong ward not the childrens ward and all the people in the ward got scared. They thought the mummy came to life. 


Whats the story about? There was a midnight gang. A new boy, Tom, just joined the gang and it got more exciting from there. 


 My favourite part from the book? When the midnight gang were making Sally’s dream come true and everyone in hospital see through the glass (except Matron). And Sally’s dream was to have a BIG life! 


 My least favourite part from the book? I forgot. Can’t think of any.

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