Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth

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AUTHOR: Sam Copeland



This story is about a boy named Charlie. And he can turn into animals!  At first he didn’t know to control  his powers. But in this book he’d figured  out how to control he’s powers!

One day animals at the zoo, pets and the chickens at school have gone missing!  And there were lion foot prints found in the backyard from one of the  missing pets and bones found from the missing penguins and feathers found from the missing chinchillas  and a video of a bear going to the chiken coop at school! Dylan (Charlie’s mortal enemy) is going to pretend that Charlie is the one eating the animals by showing the whole class a video of Charlie turning  into  a  fly.  Can Charlie and  his three best friends (Mohsen,Wogan and Flora)  prove that Charlie is not the one  eating all the animals? (Actually Dylan grab all the animals, kept them in a bag and scatter some bones and feathers and kept them in  the school basement). At the ending Dylan joined the gang.


What do you like most about the story?

When Dylan accidently ate Charlie when he changed into a nematode worm.


What do you like least about the story?

There is nothing that I don’t like in the book.


Will you recommend this book to your friend?


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